If you want to attract abundance and prosperity in your life, get active with business rituals!
Ritual of prosperity, sales, business and money

You need:
1 orange candle
Golden frost
Essences in vanilla and cinnamon tangerine oil
Tangerine vanilla cinnamon incense
Sea salt
Preparation: if the candle has a can underneath it you must remove it, you write to the candle of the wick down your names and surnames complete with the wishes. Then you put the essences with salt from the wick inwards. Place the ritual on the floor, in the EAST coordinate, around it you must place the activators. Golden rain quartz, God of money, mandarins, coy fish, Budha of money, Chinese coins with odd grains or dollar jade plants and prosperity.

A ritual that you can not miss any year!
The Spirit of Christmas, The Winter Solstice!
It is an astronomical event that occurs every year when we enter the winter solstice, December, it is the only day of the year that the sun moves farther from the earth, the night is the longest of the year. It has been celebrated for over 2,000 years A.C. As a message that says: every ending has a good happy beginning full of dreams and hopes that you can realize with goodwill towards the world, perseverance and positive vibration always.
The spirit of Christmas represents peace, union, love and prosperity, so I recommend decorating your Christmas homes a lot, so that there is no corner alluding to this motive. The spirit of Christmas comes to our homes on a specific date every year, and we must prepare to receive it. At Christmas on December 21 at 08:00 pm. We must prepare our house must be tidy and very impious flavored with myrrh and sandalwood incenses that first purify the environments you put relaxation music before 8:00 pm. We prepare a ritual of love, peace and prosperity. We are located in the main dining room, facing east where the sun rises, there we will place: 7 tangerines, 7 orange candles, a glass bowl with 3 types of grains, coins and 7 incenses of tangerine, myrrh and sandalwood. You place a paper with all the wishes and requests of the family, ask for the peace of the world, for the country, for the prosperity of all the homes of the earth and ours with the wishes. At 8:00 pm, light the candles and incenses, meditate on those magical moments to relax, load ourselves with a lot of physical and mental energy, faithfully ask God to grant us our wishes and fill our bright planet earth with blessings.
I decree: at the moment of lighting the candles: “at this precise moment I decree that my life, my home and my family are protected from heaven by God and divine justice, I receive much love, well-being, health and progress. I declare that sooner rather than later forgiveness reigns among citizens, justice, union, brotherhood, peace and security for our beautiful country Venezuela, and love for the whole world, thank God for always listening to my prayers, I open myself to your will and I will be always according to what you decide we should live, our lives do not belong to us, they are driven only by you, love thanks for everything and therefore love understanding and kindness. ”

Rituals of power with the moon, to solve problems, love, money, legal judgments, health and all inconvenience with Lic. Anny González

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