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Anny Isabel González Chacín, has a degree in Social Communication Audiovisual mention, graduated in Venezuela, Maracaibo city at the URBE Bilingual Private University. Dr. Rafael Belloso Chacín University.
He studied Post Degree level Master in Marketing Management, in the same university.
Certification of Professional Radio and Television Broadcaster approved by the University of Zulia.
Conductor of specialized programs in Astrology as the mother of all Sciences and free a tool for life, in radio stations of Maracaibo.
It is bilingual, with English and Spanish language management.
Advanced knowledge of the ancestral sciences such as: Astrology, Feng Shui, Velomancy and rituals, meditation, spiritual and personal growth, Techniques as the main tool for the management of astral letters generating an accurate and clear life orientation. Helping to improve and balance our environment. Astrology studies and courses in Venezuela: Maracaibo and Caracas, Argentina: Buenos Aires, Spain: Barcelona, and other knowledge allied to the spiritual world with teachers from different parts of the world, who have supported it in the wonderful world of God, of peace , the true orientation, and the greatest discovery in history on earth as Astrology is. Several years of spiritual purification from the age of 8, she begins as a child to be vegetarian, with the utmost respect for living beings and animals.


In the Editorial Directorate of the children's magazine PlanetKids, publishing articles and contributions in the Astrology section oriented to the child's zodiac star profile, which represents each of the zodiac signs. So that parents know their talents, the potential for skills and inclinations, with the aim of educating happy children and driving them towards their performance achieving their well-being and success.
Since 2012 he conducts specialized astrology programs, informing all the knowledge of the stars, horoscopes and forecasts of world Astrology, political processes of different nations. Programs with natural health sections, zodiac wheel and astral news. He has attended and fulfilled countless international interviews of prestigious mass broadcast chains in different places and countries of the world, getting all the forecasts announced through radio, newspapers, television and social networks. More than 15 years of studies and experience in the field of consultations in astral letters and the entire spiritual world. With a lot of passion, respect and love, he dedicates as much time as possible and necessary to all his followers, in order to make the world discover where we come from, why we are here and where we are going. Fundamental keys to understanding the answers that will lead us to overcome and achieve everything we need in life.

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