Feng Shui

Meet a key tool to improve your life, feng shui with its meaning wind and water, goes much further than any of us can imagine. Applying the simplest techniques of decoration and harmony that brings us this beautiful ancient art of eastern China, Tibet and India with thousands of years of studies, some dating back 3,000 years B.C.

We use it as an indispensable complement of great importance as an energy balance of life. Today it is the most used even by many celebrities and has spread throughout the world, thanks to the excellent results that this millenary science brings. With the proper application of feng shui you will become your home and your work or office: in a flow of maximum positive energy to find: happiness, harmony, health, peace, prosperity, love, professional success, business and welfare for all the family.

The feng shui will balance and harmonize your home by locating strengths and weaknesses where you find lack of energy supply or excess, through the eight cardinal points oriented in life essences, the BAGUA MAP: it is the representation of each area in 9 spaces In your home, each one represents an energy an area of your life, and is the result of centuries of studies:

Useful Recommendations:

The first essential rule is that you must maintain the organization in all spaces, cleanliness, order, harmony, balance and sense of well-being and peace. If you are living in a place where you do not feel well there are serious problems.

¿What should you avoid?

Dried or artificial flowers, mirrors, ornaments or broken crockery, everything you don't use, pictures with aggressive or sad images, antique collections, damaged electronics, animal or animal print fur rugs, black and white checkered floors, tables square, broken clothes or shoes, many objects in the kitchen, leaks on the ceilings, large bathrooms, plants in the bathroom and bedroom, sleeping with the door open, mess in the wallet and purse.

¿How do you create positive energies?

(Nature, vegetation and animals) Natural bamboo plants, gardens, vases with colorful live flowers, water fountains, fish tanks, turtles, pictures with images of crystalline waterfalls, landscapes of living nature, children, joy, mobiles, chimes that are move with the wind and generate sound, quartz ornaments, fragrances with candles and incenses, relaxation music.

NOTE: To measure the coordinates, remember to place the compass in the center of the place, correctly positioning yourself with the basic rule so that you are not mistaken: the EAST is where you see the sun rising and the WEST where the sun sets. - Never live in a place where the front is the WEST, much less an office or a business. The best coordinate is the front towards the EAST, where the sun rises with the best energies. In the sunset it is the opposite the sun no longer has energies and everything costs.

¿How to activate wealth and prosperity in your home or office?

Locate the SOUTHEAST coordinate: use light blue colors on walls, ornaments in blue quartz stone such as lapis lazuli, ornaments and decoration in golden metals. Place water sources or fishbowls in a bowl with coy or beta fish. They represent the water element that represents abundance and flows with the energy of prosperity in the home or office. Use incenses or aromatic tangerine candles on Thursdays, which is Jupiter's day, predicting opportunities and progress.

¿How to activate happiness and attract love or marriage?

Locate the SOUTHWEST coordinate: home and room. Use pink and white colors on the walls, many natural pink and white flowers in vases, place pink quartz stone, place a pair of mandarin ducklings on the night table, ornaments of hearts, pink quartz heart keychain, scent with candles and rose incenses , honey, jasmine and geranium. Use double bed, pink sheets. You must stay impeccable, a change of look, makeover, accessories and new clothing is a fundamental part of your personal feng shui, also activate in social groups, studies, growth, work and meetings.

How to activate good health for you and your family?

Locate the EAST coordinate: white or light green colors, place crystal quartz, locate a live turtle because it generates longevity. Maintain everything in a healthy state, dry plants throw them away, leaks, burnt light bulbs, generate health problems too. It is very important to start by activating personal feng shui as much as in spaces. Maintain a healthy life, avoid meats, eat lightly, lots of fruits and vegetables. Staying in breathing exercises, breathing deeply always prevents illness, leading a quiet life without stress, doing activities such as yoga or Pilates. Walking 1 hour a day and drinking lots of water purifies us and maintains good health.

Personalized professional advice of feng shui in your home or business with Lic. Anny González

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