Online workshops! From anywhere in the world where you are, you can make your favorite workshop! Personalized with your natal chart!

Astrology and universe

Basic introduction to understand the energies of the 12 zodiac signs, symbology, weaknesses and strengths to live in a compatible environment always, each sign activates something secret in your birth chart. THE POWER OF RITUALS: you will learn to perform rituals to attract love, prosperity, health and energy cleansing, to solve problems and open roads.

Secrets of Feng Shui

You will know the basic principles of the millenary technique, so that your life is renewed, you learn to clean the spaces loaded with negative energy, it applies to homes, businesses, offices and vehicles. Controlling the poisoned arrows. LOVE AND PASSION: you learn how to activate love to attract a partner and maintain balance in the relationship, according to astrology and feng shui, weaknesses and strengths, compatibilities and incompatibilities.

Prosperity and abundance

You will know the key tools for business, attract work, sales, successes, and keep money according to the bases of astrology and feng shui, money activators, moon phases and start dates to increase profits and sales.

Natural health

you will recognize the power of natural medicine, plants and cures to avoid diseases, with cleanings in the moon phases. Naturopathy preventive medicine according to your birth chart, what you should know to always stay healthy.

Dream Revelations

Know the secrets that keep such a real world in the other dimension. When you must take care of yourself and decipher them.

Love and passion

You will know the hidden secrets of the ancient sciences Astrology and Feng Shui applied to Love to activate, attract a partner, improve relationships, compatibility and know the spaces in your home that talk about your love relationship, all applied to your personalized astral chart and your home. Elementary activators that you must wear as an amulet according to your letter and study.


You will know the advantages of velomancy, and its enormous powers so that you can do your own rituals yourself.

Yoga and mantra

Learn effective techniques of relaxation and physical and spiritual healing.

The power of quartz

you will discover all the hidden powers of these minerals and the ideal for each sign of the zodiac, the ideal stone according to your natal chart, cure of diseases, protector, activator, healer, attracts love prosperity and successes.

The power of the moon

the power of the moon and its essence on earth, moon phases, the moon in the 12 signs, lunar calendar, key dates, the moon in your natal chart.


Reveal your past, life mission, you will recognize pending karmas, techniques such as managing problems, meditation, relaxation, anti stress, to release and avoid future illnesses. Key tools to handle the most complex situations.

Note: The workshops are private and personalized, include digitized material sent by mail, and direct audios by whatsapp. The schedules to be agreed.

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