It is the art of interpretation based on time and heaven, it is capable of revealing the impact of relationships and influences between the cosmos, man and all his surroundings. A tool of great value and powerful for those who really know it, understand it perfectly and apply it psychopedagogically to the world to help them. It is a key guide, she reveals to us the hidden causes that operate in our lives, guides humanity according to her astral study, according to exact birth data, covering absolutely all the sectors inherent to man in the environment by which we develop regardless of the nature where it came from.
Astrology is the oldest knowledge, which has never been able to disappear, because the sky nobody can erase or hide it. The Datas are for more than 5,000 years BC, who discover the effect of the planetary movements of the solar system towards our planet earth, environment and living beings, are the Chaldeans, Sumerians, Arabs, Egyptians, and the Greeks. All announced the base and left important contributions that mark high knowledge today.

¿How Astrology can help us?

And some contributions that favors other Sciences and sectors

She awakens the interest of the natural vocation that each individual possesses with which she is born, and that upon discovering everything, she will be able to exploit in this world in her due place and moment all that by divine law belongs to us. Finding in this way happiness, balance, recognizing where you come from, why you are here and where you are going, is the fundamental basis for the spiritual growth of humanity. In the area of ​​Psychology important contributions appear, she reveals to us the emotional state of the individual, possible depressions, critical mental states and ruptures making it clear what kind of help is necessary to correctly orient the native. Weaknesses in emotions are the beings that we must understand and understand the most. In the area of ​​health, Medical Astrology gives us an exact guide of possible pathologies to observe any type of intermittent diseases that could attack the individual and that can suffer at any time of activation in the astral charts. With which you must prevent, take care of in time, to establish optimal stages or dates of successful surgical interventions in the necessary case ruled by a specialist, appears Information of unexpected risks. Astrology serves as a guide tool for parents in the educational area to know in depth what are the abilities and aptitudes of the child and his planning, you will know his weaknesses to help him overcome them. It offers us the keys to educate a happy child with talents and successes. Your special gifts where you will achieve important results in specific areas of knowledge, sport, art, music or others. It provides extraordinary information in the area of ​​Economics, Financial Astrology, determining the aptitudes and commercial and financial predispositions of individuals. It gives us the opportunity to choose the appropriate time to make investments and profitable businesses. Companies are given the opportunity to select employees according to the branch for convenience and success. Determination of economic cycles of profit and loss. Accuracy of optimal periods for harvests in agricultural activity and stages of growth in industrial activity or any other business sector. In love, our partner, and with social relationships, business or friends, clearly reveals compatibility, if your marriage or society will be productive. Incompatibility if it will activate suffering or karma with actions of partners or marriages. Leaving a very clear orientation to take advantage or prevent circumstances that arise in life. In the legal field, it indicates the knowledge of the predispositions to crime and the study of possible legal proceedings against it. Determination of the appropriate times and dates to favor lawsuits or litigation. Criminal Diagnostics.

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