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•Natal Chart: It is the photograph or map of the sky at the right and precise moment that a person is born in a certain place and time. It is unique and as personal as your fingerprint or identity card. Calculating planets, signs, houses and aspects that allow us to enter the native world of the native and alert, guide and present its reality. It helps us to truly know ourselves as we are, and discover everything we have hidden, know and know how to carry on relationships with others. It allows us to create strategies to evolve spiritually and grow in all areas of life. You will know where your opportunities are business, talents and successes, compatibility in love for happiness and balance, which part of the body can affect your health as prevent. It is the main card that will govern you for a lifetime.

•Solar Revolution: The solar revolution is the astral chart calculated for the moment when the Sun returns to the same natal position, completing its annual cycle. From the date of his birthday, very accurate forecasts are revealed month by month. The most favorable times for investment, the critics of caution, love, health, for the whole year until the next birthday. It lasts 1 year. It is an annual letter. It is recommended to do the study 3 months before the birthday. This letter reveals important events that do not even appear in a natal chart.
•Sinastria: it is the precise analysis of the compatibility between two people, based on their natal astral charts, to determine the possible conflicts that they must overcome and the harmonic aspects that they should take full advantage of. It is recommended for couples, marriages and business partnerships. If it will be productive and convenient, a society appears clearly in this study.

Note: at the end of the session of any study, you establish all the questions and concerns that you wish to know and know. If you do not have your birth time we adjust it according to important events that occurred over time.

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